It's also a question of : what do we feel !

For me, color-grading is not only matching shots and scenes, color-grading is also a question of feeling !

I always try to create something unique but at the sametime, for me, the first commandment is: get something who belong with the storie and with the original photography. We can be creative, maybe go deep in the colors and textures changes but we should keep it simple, organic and not overdone.

Rémy De Vlieger
Hours of Color-Grading
Project Completed
Years of experience
01.Best Clients
  • Arte (France)
  • Netflix
  • OCS
  • Les Films du Poisson
  • Itaca Films (Mexico)
  • Paramount Pictures (US)
  • Rouge International (France)
  • Hope Production (France)
  • Sister production (France)
02.Best Directors and DOPs
  • Benoit Delhomme (A.F.C)
  • Jerry Jameson (P.G.A)
  • Sofian El Fani
  • Issa Lopez
  • Luis Sansans (A.M.C)
  • Yann Arthus Bertrand
  • Martin De Chabaneix
  • Alfredo Altamirano (A.M.C)
  • Arnaud Desplechin
  • Isa Lopez
  • Juan Jose Saravia
  • Juan Carlos Gil
  • Léa Fazer
03.Filmography part 1
  •  2022 Detox (Netflix)
  •  2022 En Thérapie (Arte)
  •  2021 Sacha (Arte – RTS)
  •  2020 Couronnes (FR2)
  •  2020 Feminicide (Documentary)
  •  2019 Les Grands (OCS)
  •  2018 Todo Mal
  •  2017 Photocopy
  •  2017 Vuelven
  •  2017 Comme des rois  (Assistant)
  •  2017 Les Trompes de ma mères (Short)
  •  2016 Another World (Short)
04.Filmography part 2
  •  2016 La vida inmoral de la pareja ideal
  •  2016 En moi (Short)
  •  2016 Compadres
  •  2016 Siempre Vuelven
  •  2016 Un Cuento de Circo & A Love Song
  •  2015 Captive
  •  2015 Que viva la música
  •  2014 El comienzo del tiempo
  •  2014 La voz en off
  •  2014 Tout va bien (Documentary)
  •  2013 The Pipers (Short)
  •  2013 Le challat de Tunis
Creating the “look & feel”

The significance of the colorist has increased in the digital era. Advertising, music videos and cinema movies on a digital basis are often processed by colorists to a very large extent. On the one hand it is necessary to adjust the colors and moods of individual scenes which have been shot at different times and places. But color-grading also has an important creative and artistic aspect: the creation of a unique style or a distinctive “look & feel” and achieving the mood desired by the director.

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